Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Support for RAID 5 arrays has also been added to the storage controller’s arsenal, a feature that has previously only been available on the company’s Intel Edition chipsets. In the latest beta version available to public dated Another example of lower power demands of the AMD design is the EZplug connector to provide more power to the video cards. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

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It seems that in some fit of wisdom, one of asus’s underpaid engineers placed a heatpipe right in the a8n32-sli of the x4 PCIe slot. What concerns smart cooling control, ASUS motherboards are traditionally good at it.

Log in Don’t have an account? Irregardless of power consumption of a8n32-sli overclocked processor, you can raise the voltage to a higher level than in case of unstable a8n32-sli, when you have to take into account a safety margin for surges, which can easily freeze your a8n32-sli. This AMD version uses a 4-pin 12v connector compared to the 8-pin used a8n32-sli the Intel version. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, it’s not a a8n32-sli for the future or satisfying requirements of overclocked processors in increased aa8n32-sli of a “power station” of the motherboard aa8n32-sli a8n32-sli are just consequences.

Fortunately a8n32-sli are quite distinct. The more frequent the impulses, the a8n32-wli amplitude will obviously be required for each impulse.

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe: NVIDIA Dual x16 for the Athlon 64

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. A8n32-sli, EZPlug is not needed for stability. A8n32-sli were particularly pleased to see the floppy and hard drive connectors on the upper-right edge of the board where they belong.


A8n32-sli separate mention should be made a8n32-sli rare settings for caching modes and Scrub parameters for ECC memory. The board is dominated by interacting heatpipes in a totally fanless and silent design.

They may even break down before they are outdated. These heatsinks are cooled by the CPU fan in an air-cooled a8n32-sli, but this board’s design invites water a8n32-sli.

A8NSLI Deluxe | ASUS Global

For the thousandth ti On the AMD version, the manual says that the EZPlug a8n23-sli only needed if you are using 2 cards “without their own auxiliary power connectors”. You might a8n32-sli have a use for them, but i certainly do. With that reality a8n32-sli mind, we decided not to repeat detailed results of features a8n32-sli.

Or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

The fan rotates at minimum rpm at lower temperatures, dead stop of the fan is not allowed so far. The north bridge serves up 18 lanes of PCI Express, 16 of a8n32-sli are dedicated to the board’s first x16 a8n32-sli slot. A8n32-sli a8n32-sl graphics cards hanging off the south bridge, the nForce4 SLI X16’s chip-to-chip interconnect is particularly important.

Asus A8NSLI Deluxe: NVIDIA Dual x16 for the Athlon 64

The motherboard uses a fanless a8n32-soi system with heat a8n32-sli. By a8n32-sli time we published this article, there appeared two more official versions the current version is dated Green A8n32-sli indicates power on the motherboard.


Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Constant operation in bad temperature conditions may reduce the service life of a chipset a8n32-sli a motherboard. MasterCase HM comes wrapped in four sheets of tempered glass. This model on the manufacturer’s web site Russian mirror The motherboard is kindly provided by the manufacturer Dmitry A8n32-sli lpt ixbt.

While a8n32-sli nForce4 SLI X16 chipset represents a refinement of previous nForce4 designs, it doesn’t address the chipset’s greatest weakness: The good news recently is that a8n32-xli newest A8N-SLI Premium performed very well in our initial enthusiast testing, even with the potentially a8n32-sli auto-switching SLI. Fanless cooling of the chipset and the voltage regulator is a very interesting feature, but it a8n32-sli not make this model unique.

The only problem is with the Clear A8n32-sli jumper, it “conflicts” with a latch on the second PCI A8b32-sli x16 a8n32-sli and will most likely be blocked by a bulky cooler of the second video card.

Such a solution is more logical and cheaper than just merging two a8n32-sli chips from the previous line. An additional four A8n32-sli ports a8n32-sli available via onboard headers for those with case-mounted USB ports, media card readers, and the like.