Upgraded to quantal on 24 days ago dmi. I have tried my Xonar U3 on Android X86 on my computer , and the volume slider work properly, but it doesn’t work properly on Ubuntu I’ll let you know. I have the card working on 32 bit Gutsy but no go on 64 bit Hardy. Tested with the app to test speakers, Firefox, VLC, and checked with pavucontrol, the progress bar indicate that a sound is played on the card, but no sound on the speakers. MP3s sound flat and dull by comparison — as if part of the color has been bled out. Anyone figure out a solution for this?

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Ubuntu 16.04 no sound with asus Xonar DG

The most obvious and most important feature for me was the cleaner audio signal. This is likely due to my editing of other configuration files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, its sound output is either bearably noticeable or – if I increase the volume by even the slightest notch with the audio indicator – EXTREMELY loud and, because I use earphones, pretty painfully so. Email me about changes to this bug report. By MP3, let us assume a kbps, Is this bug fixed now or does it still exist in And for the workarround, thanks Clemens Ladisch: DG [Xonar DG], auss 0: I’ve tried several things and the last what I did was the following command which I found on xonxr If software exists that performs the equivalent of what is available on Windows, then I have yet to locate it.


[ubuntu] Asus Xonar DX

The issue involves PulseAudio: Whether plugging in high-quality headphones directly to the Xonar DX front output or through an external amplifier, I could not hear any noise. June 10th, What is most telling is the bit, kHz result in every test. Notify me of new posts via email.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Page 1 of ubutu 1 2 Last Jump to page: The Xonar DX will now output sound at full blast.

You cannot exceed the quality of the source. None Link to a FAQ. Is it possible to use another desktop on the newer Ubuntu?

Email Required, but never shown. As for myself, here are my reasons:.

MP3s sound flat and dull by comparison — as if part of the color has been bled out. Notice that Floating Point and bit have the same values? There must be some electronic difference between the DX and other cards By default, PulseAudio plays everything at its default rate of Matthias ma said on You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Join Date May Beans For Mate on Ubuntu Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Replace card 0 include the space with whatever number your sound card is.

It is easy to forget to connect the external power to the card no matter how many times you might read the instruction manual instructing you to do so.

I’ve tried every step in the comprehensive guide twice and a from-scratch install. RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.

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