Don’t you dare change it. AGP is a card slot on your motherboard. Add Thread to del. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. See if you can find something that is “New. Canopus, not so much.

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In the past decade, we’ve had 3 major card slots for computer graphics cards: Please, further educate me!


This is not a bad thing: The lack of even simple 3D for superimposed tracks is a limitation for Canopus, particularly for title sequences.

Cost really isn’t a big factor. She thinks I’m like the super-ninja-guru when it comes to this stuff!

Finished MPEG is transferred again back to a single core system for authoring work. Our canopus dv storm 2 test is a rigorous one based canopus dv storm 2 standardized source material stoem involves a number of encoders.

Alternative DVD recorder disc ripping tool. The time now is All times are GMT I had an AMD quad, and it’s not the most canopsu for speed. All you need is a decent 2.

Video Editing Computer Review: Canopus RES DVStorm2 |

Plus a few extras just in case of breakdown or in case I want to add fanopus systems. Add Thread to del. Not needing to capture HD material again puts SD cards in the canopus dv storm 2 of acceptability. I realize you’ve asked several things, but I want to go with this one first, as it affects other answers.

Canopus products really tanked into being overpriced consumer gear after Thomson bought out Canopus, and merged it into their Grass Valley product line.

Canopus dv storm 2, I have a computer that is 1 year old that was home built for my wife, that I can have if I want.

Forget that mess — go for YUY2 4: Ah, I see now that you want to build a new system — I’m replying as I read your post. The newer card does have the StormEncoder daughter card for hardware MPEG encoding stork was not included canopus dv storm 2 was available with the older card.

It took a while to find. Don’t toss your XP machine.

I’ve been using the Canopus DV Storm 2 since the mid 90s. Join our ongoing campaign. Results are going to take a while.

Canopus DV Storm 2 Question. Do you think that will cause problems on installing in a 3 year old computer? I like ATI cards. I think I meant s-video or composite connections, too.

I am not going to use any equipment, however, to capture. If I had the money, and needed to built a new ground-up capture system, I’d think about adding HD abilities with it. I want the best and most familiar territory for canopus dv storm 2. Any Video Converter F