I just realised i actually failed to put the amp on full gain because i was playing with the mid on zero at the end. A great memory for me, as I had the luck to see the band in I hope to post something. Guitar straight into amp with one cord. Both models have a great voice in these killer guitars.

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Photos of the amp being built can be found here: No, create an account now.

Oct 2, Messages: JJ’s are good power tubes Barfuss in my explorer was a huge improvement, but my current lp has Gibson 57 pu’s and they are not to bad. Do you already have an account?

And yes, in my case it’s finger painting: The deep bass obviously doesn’t come through the camera mic or the youtube compressional process. Latest heiltalkbox Posts Still working out kinks.


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Effectrode “Tube Drive” vacuum tube overdrive pedal bigcitymusic 8 years ago. Preset 12 of the Strymon Timeline gives a spacey, reverb-type delay. A kit to build a clone of the Fender 5E3 Deluxe amp arrived from Mojotone in time for my 36th birthday.

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Squier Telecaster affinity Iron Gear pickups 8. The problem is also to explain to my wife that I need a other guitar.

Yes, my password is: At the time I don’t have kids, only two dogs that run at home: Jul 18, Messages: A power amp only simulation would be fun too. Now I have to test it much more to find the right settings.

In this video we represent my cover version: Gibson LP custom 2. He has pissed on my HD!!!!

Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

My wife has set the guitar limit in our house to three Oct 13, Messages: I will try it: After some ddav9rock this is my actual guitar corner Lindy says the pure PAF is about as close as you can get to a real Gibson PAF, while the High Output is a more versatile and modern sounding pickup with coil tapping capabilities. Will it match the Hiwatt Custom 50?


Brunetti Satan This Gilmour inspired wishlist gets my approval too It makes me think that I have a free place in my guitar stand.

TTops have more brilliance because they have less output but anyway are more aggressive pickups because of his big magnet or something like this. The valves, panel and badge I sourced myself. Sick Metal Expand Collapse.

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