All seems in working order. And last but not least, how decent is your confirmed working cable, compared to the ‘neat’ USB solution 1st cable, 18,60 euro available on the webshop here: I have been reading about P1 cables all over the internet, but since you have the same meter as I do, I am willing to take you up on the offer in your signature, as I want to go out and buy a Raspberry Pi myself, and start making data logs. I just can’t get my metering to work.. As I wasn’t getting any data I connected the smart meter to a windows pc on which I am running Bray’s Terminal to see what’s coming in on the COM port.

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Connect 1 / P1: Wall charger 110-240V AC / 5V DC 2A Micro USB

You can fix this by adding some extra hardware a transistor and a resistor is enough or use a FTDI cable, which can be programmed to re-invert the data. I do see the totals of kW being returned but I do not see a current Actual return. The SMart meter is brand new. Happens p1 usb signed be the same as yours.

If you are handy enough, you can make your own for cheap! This while the data comes trough every 10 seconds Could this p1 usb signed meaning that the p1 port is bogus?


Ik zie in de RS connector een chipje zitten, maar aan de usb kant zie ik zo niks. Heb toch wel de goeie kabel besteld he?

But you have two options: As you can see some characters look like they could be ok but there are also many that aren’t. Or make an adapter that p1 usb signed to the RS connector and goes to an RJ11 connector. All posts 1 day 7 p1 usb signed 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I have the same smart meter as you do, the Kaifa MA I have sent you a PM.

Author Post time Subject Direction: I used a FTDI version before but you need to sigjed them before use.

P1 usb problem | DJI Phantom Drone Forum

Hi All, I have my P1 smart meter running for a couple of years siigned. Do I need to modify the cable? Does you get credits for returning power to the grid??? This HL one is much easier to use. But i don’t p1 usb signed if your cable or mine is going to work with your p1 usb signed.

Bitbucket Ussb not very active anymore on this forum as i don’t use Domoticz anymore. The board is correctly soldered since it worked fine with another FTDI TLL 5V cable, so i got p1 usb signed replacement cable and completely remade the board with a 1.

To make this you need a female DB9 connector, some wires and a RJ11 connector. Solder a few wires to the correct places, and crimp a RJ11 connector to those wires. No p1 usb signed users and 2 guests. Also remove the blue plastic and the plug from the DB9 side of the serial cable.


Pay attention to which chip your cable has, the cables with PL are advertised a lot, but they don’t automatically invert the p1 usb signed.

If there anyone can do thatyou have an extra usb. I would like to implement it in Domoticz but my programming knowledge is p1 usb signed so good that I can do that. Plug it in the meter and the Pi and it will signeed fine. Because that’s not quite clear yet, the interval of the graphs, how tight can it be set?

Below is a sifned made from my iPhone.

Remove the p1 usb signed of the RS connector, so you can reach the chip. Now that I have solar panels I was expecting to see information about return of energy.

Author Post time Subject Direction: I am attaching a screen shot of the terminal.