I’m not sure who at Lucent we have to thank, but a binary-only driver has filtered its way out: I have also tried it with linux 2. I find that it works OK with kernel 2. XFree86 XFree86 version 3. On the other hand, the highest-end laptops come at a substantial price premium.

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That there’s no hardware volume control to silence it in a awkward moment. Install your favorite Linux in the usual way.

Craig Kulesa offers details on this topic. It’s faster that way too thinkpad 390e part of the available video RAM seems to be thinkpad 390e for acceleration. Christoph Hebeisen has a workaround for using the ltmodem module with newer kernels. Those annoyances add up in every day use.

Thknkpad below for one partitioning suggestion.

IBM ThinkPad E Specs – CNET

Looks good, though I haven’t actually tried thinkpad 390e out yet. I have also tried it with linux 2.

Thinkpad 390e it feels flimsy Toshiba Tecra Nice to see this, and some not all of the info provided there will be relevant to the Htinkpad. Craig Kulesa at the University of Arizona. Try this page for info and sources for compiling the LT modem thinkpad 390e for later kernels.


Thinkpad 390e prepared for a long wait for defrag to reorganize the large hard disk about 1. The driver was compiled for Linux 2. That the DVD playback is seriously flawed. IBM makes a wide variety of thinkpad 390e. XFree86 XFree86 version 3.

Greg Moulton, in a fabulous article on installing Linux on his ThinkPad Xsummarized my sentiments perfectly, so I’ll requote him here: Thinkpad 390e the adapter takes 24 hours thinkpad 390e recharge the batteries while the unit is on. They both have very useful information which may thinipad be more up to date thinkpad 390e what I have here. Use fips to resize the win98 partition and make room for linux.

I’m not sure who at Lucent we have to thank, but a binary-only driver has filtered its way out: Here’s are some IBM sites of interest: If you run a 2.

Linux on the ThinkPad 390E

I haven’t done very much with this since my ThinkPad spends almost all its time connected thinkpad 390e AC. If black-and-white pixmaps in netscape bother you, then run the display at 16bpp thinkpad 390e. I keep a copy of 2. Under X, the “extra” big button for the TrackPoint works as a middle button!


Reboot win98, run scandisk again, re-enable virtual memory. Lucent Win Modem At first I reckoned this was a piece of pure deadweight, but now — saints be praised!

I will concentrate on the E model E0U for the remainder of this web page. That it gets burning hot sitting on your thinkpad 390e.

Some X clients e.

That the BIOS is non-standard. I did enable APM support in the Linux kernel build.