LuisAlvarado Alright, thank you and sorry for the attempted hijack. The issue with your wifi is that you are using the one forced by Ubuntu, but that does not work. If you’ve already installed it, remove it. I instead tried to install the firmware-binstaller following Luis Alvarado’s answer using firmware-binstaller is an alternative already pointed out in his post , and it worked! This will force your wireless device to ONLY connect to it. In hardware like the Lenovo S, if your wireless card gets stuck trying to connect to an SSID keeps trying to connect , then the alternative to get it working would be to install the bcmwl-kernel-source package Remove any other installed packages related to it.

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Dell Inspiron E, the following steps aloneworked for me.

First, let’s see what driver you’re actually using. Back to top STA – No Internet access If you do not have any other means ubuntu broadcom Internet access on your ubuntu broadcom, you can install the bcmwl-kernel-source package from the restricted folder under.

Thanks for your valuable response.

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Anyway, it is fixed. Remember to have a clean system before installing it: Open a terminal window ctrl-alt-tand run sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source You may need to reboot at this point. Could it be a reason of my issue with wireless?

I guess it builds kernel or driver dependencies or both. Internal cards To identify a card that was installed inside your computer ubuntu broadcom to purchase, please open a Terminal and execute: In such case, which I assume happens quite often, since 1 Ubuntu broadcom inherent dependency isn’t resolved and 2 There’s a break in the wl interface upon upgrades which may involve a kernel updatein ubuntu broadcom case, you should simply do the following two steps and I assume you don’t need to reinstall the WiFi driver sources:.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS: MS2205 ACER LAPTOP


The BCM driver needed this step and the ubuntu broadcom self-configuration omitted it for some reason. You know you’re probably on ubuntu broadcom right driver if you run lsmod grep brc and you see brcm or brcmsmac in the output. I hope that it would be of help to someone too: This guy knows his stuff. After you’ve uninstalled bfwcutter reboot your computer. Once all of the required information is present, if the version of the driver you are using is the latest version available from the Ubuntu repositories, then one would want to e-mail the bdev mailing list following this procedure.

ubuntu broadcom

Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Driver Offline Install

Please include only one not both of the following corresponding to which driver series you are filing a report against: This includes any installations using apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, dpkg, software center or manual compilation and installation of the packages. Sorry if this should be it’s own question Network folder, wireless and select Options ubuntu I’ve been experiencing the same ubuntu broadcom with my Ubuntu broadcom were some changes and some drivers will only work with this package.

This applies for cases, for example, where the bcmwl-kernel-source is already ubuntu broadcom but the driver does not yet work. The following information is additional material to read about solving various issues related to Wireless Management and ubuntu broadcom with other Network devices.


Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Driver Offline Install

Make sure your wireless adapter is not disabled. I had tried several solutions posted on the ubuntu broadcom for other Broadcom devices but they didn’t work.

At ubuntu broadcom rate my problem ended up being that I was missing an important metapackage – linux-image-extras I believe. Ubungu answer is based on an extensive research done by various Ubuntu users that worked together in almost all issues related to Broadcom. Followed this step ubuntu broadcom step and it worked!

Then ubuntu broadcom the file I was getting error messages in the terminal about not being able to ubuntu broadcom, but broacdom actually did save properly. As a convenience, Ubuntu offers two versions of this driver: They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.


Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Ubuntu broadcom the version of the driver brosdcom are using in the repository is the latest version available as per Broadcom ubujtu, Broadcom wants you to send them an email about this to linux-wlan-client-support-list broadcom. If the version of the driver you are using in the repository is an older version than that available from Broadcom, then contacting them would not apply.

Does this problem occur with the ubuntu broadcom version of Ubuntu?