To use this network in the future, you will need to reconfigure it. Shut down any other connection manager software or any other application that can control the Wi-Fi radio. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation wizard. Another application, such as a different connection, may be conflicting with Connection Manager and needs to be closed. Add New Network Configuration Section 6:

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ZTE-TU25 TU25 USB Modem User Manual Users Manual Quick Guide Revised ZTE Corporation

Addendum — Working With Firewalls 4. During activation, your firewall application may ask for your permission to allow communication involving XOHM Configuration Manager and Connection Manager. Click Add and then click OK to save your firewall settings. XOHM Connection Manager will search for another available network and you will be prompted to select a new network and launch a new connection manually.

Make sure that On recommended zte tu25 usb modem checked.

Getting started with XOHM is simple: Selecting mode, adapter from the list instructs XOHM Connection Manager to manage connectivity for that adapter; if a known conflicting application is assigned to manage a selected adapter, XOHM Connection Manager disables the conflicting application and takes over adapter management.


Signal strength is not zte tu25 usb modem indicator of network speed. Wi-Fi Network Added Section 5: Connection History Section 7: Rob Nussbaum Source Exif Data: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation wizard. If you are able to successfully display another website, then your XOHM Card and service are activated.

In this zte tu25 usb modem, you must adjust your firewall settings to allow incoming and outgoing communication on UDP port Follow the onscreen prompts to ush the removal. When seamless roaming is on, it replaces all Windows or other existing network selection functionality. Activation by XOHM is typically fast but may take several minutes.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Click twice to reverse the sort.

ZTE’s TU25 becomes first USB modem for Sprint’s XOHM WiMAX network

For more information or updates, including updates to this guide, visit www. Notifications Notification options may include: Network lists all the currently detected networks.

When the uninstall has completed, follow the prompts to restart your computer. This limited warranty is not transferable to any third party, including but not limited to, any subsequent purchaser or owner of the Products.

ZTE Tu25 USB Modem

Note Software installation requires administrative permission on your computer. To add new networks, you have to know certain information about them. Exit Connection Manager 2. Enter network values as described in step 4 of section sub. To ensure successful activation and subsequent provisioning, it is strongly recommended that you always allow connectivity from and to XOHM Configuration Manager and Connection Manager.


Amber status light — Flashing Amber indicates a transitional state firmware updates, acquiring network. Zte tu25 usb modem turn on Airplane Mode: Click Utilities, select System Services, and click Add.

Network Configuration Settings z Description optional — Enter a description for the network. These programs frequently run in the background and allow or deny zte tu25 usb modem based on default or user-created rules and modfm. For example, in the figure above XOHM WiMAX has the highest priority and would be selected first by XOHM Connection Zte tu25 usb modem Wi-Fi public has the moedm priority and would be the last option attempted for connectivity only if all higher priority options had failed to provide a successful connection.